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About Us

Our Story

With 30 years of experience as a computer engineer and a passion for skiing, Alain decided to step out of his comfort zone by founding this company in 2021, two years after tinkering with his first prototype that proved very promising from its first use.

"I came up with this idea while teaching a friend to ski and observing parents holding their children between their legs on the slopes. 
In addition to the discomfort and fatigue that this represents for the adult, this technique is potentially dangerous for the pair in the event of a fall, especially when the skis overlap at low speeds. On the other hand, because the beginner is held, his skis float dangerously and do not allow him to experience the sensation of gliding which allows it to progress."

Alain Zagury


Our Mission

An innovative approach

The uSki was born in Switzerland with an ambitious goal:

To allow beginners to discover joys of gliding safely!

Our approach is based on a simple principle:

Facilitate balance to augment gliding, from the very first minutes!

7. Clips-method.tiff

The uSki makes it possible to adapt to each stage of learning by gradually increasing the difficulty based on fun exercises that encourage the student to engage and make the initiation more enjoyable.

With the uSki one fall less, and they get less tired, so they gain confidence and learn faster, with more fun!

Kids love it!!!

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