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Register Your Warranty

Thank you for purchasing your uSki. Register your warranty to validate your purchase date. For more information regarding the warranty please refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. 

Note: If your purchase was made on our website, your warranty is already registered.

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If you do not have a warranty card, leave this box blank

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 uSki Sàrl guarantees your product against any defect (material and workmanship) for a period of one year, from the date of purchase. In case of defect covered by the warranty, we will replace the defective parts.  
   Exclusions : The warranty covers manufacturing defects detected during proper use of the device. The warranty does not cover loss or theft as well as damage caused by misuse, collision, abuse, unauthorized modification, or improper storage conditions. The warranty also does not cover normal wear and tear of parts. 
   Limitation of liability : uSki Sàrl declines all responsibility, vis-à-vis you or anyone else, for damages and injuries, direct or indirect, resulting from improper use of the device. 
By using the uSki, you agree to comply with the safety instruction described on this page.                
Under no circumstances can uSki Sàrl be held liable beyond the list price of the product.
   uSki Sàrl disclaims all other express or implied warranties. 
   How to contact us :
   By email to:
By WhatsApp at Nr : +41 79 176 36 36  

 Attach a brief description, as well as a photo of the defect.
   The costs of sending to uSki Sàrl, including customs clearance, are the responsibility of the user. 
   Return shipping costs are covered by the warranty.

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