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Press release
Geneva, 2 January 2024

Introducing your offspring to skiing becomes child's play


The uSki offers parents the opportunity to introduce their child to the joys of skiing while reassuring them. Thanks to an innovative and playful approach, this device limits the risks while considerably increasing the amount of glide from the first minutes.


The uSki was born from three observations: 

  1. Many parents initiate their children by holding them between their skis, which can be very dangerous, especially if their skis overlap!

  2. Beginners tend to cross their skis or spread them too wide, especially in the shape of a "V", which often leads to catching an edge!

  3. One of their biggest fears is getting too fast, or not being able to stop!


With the uSki, neophytes are reassured and quickly gain confidence!

By regulating their speed and maintaining an ideal spacing between their skis, the uSki allows beginners of all ages to limit falls and therefore glide longer. As a result, they get less tired and progress faster, having more fun!

Presentation video


For more information:

Press contact: Alain Zagury - +41 79 176 36 36 -

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