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Our customers talk about it best... 

uSki is unanimously accepted by users, both instructors and students !

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Trustpilot Review - Tom Wimshurst
Trustpilot Review - Elsje Knuvers
Trustpilot Review - Thomas Jensen
Ski Slope

What professionals are saying about the uSki!

"To my knowledge, the uSki is the only product that can solve so many safety-related problems! "

René Engi

Swiss Snowsports Instructor

When he tried uSki for the first time, Renaud repeated "Awesome!" 14 times in 30 minutes!

Renaud Franitch


ESF Monitor

In phase 1 & 2 of turning, the uSki brings this feeling of pivoting which is very difficult to pass! 

Sylvie Pouchol


Instructor at the Groupement Romand de Skieurs Aveugles

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